Principal’s Message

IMG_0597_3Welcome to our website as we celebrate some of the wonders that happen here every day at Spearwood Alternative School (SAS).

At SAS we are excited to be part of the wider cultural shift for the curious and independent to build their learning power in a context of rigorously pursued holistic, wholehearted, learner-centred learning.

Members of our community learn together and contribute to the greater community. SAS is building a better world in our own sphere of influence; looking and reaching beyond.

As we like to say: Education through Community; Community through Education.

Spearwood Alternative School is the sort of school all children deserve! 

—Denise Stone, Principal

Spearwood Alternative School (SAS) is an Independent Public School and was established in 1984 as part of the Choice and Diversity in Education project, a joint State and Federal initiative.

Through active parent–staff–student collaboration, SAS seeks to support and sustain a caring community in which autonomy and interdependence are encouraged within a rich and joyful learning environment.


Our vision


Our vision centres on our children. We wish for them:

  • to be successful, confident learners
    pursuing their innate desire to learn about themselves, others and the world
  • to have respect for themselves and others
    appreciating that participation in their community and in society at large brings both rights and responsibilities
  • to treasure their environment
  • to value their own and others’ contribution to the world
    knowing that everyone has a place in it and that each is essential to the whole.

Learn more

Here’s a 13min video about Spearwood Alternative School. We are especially proud that the film was produced and edited by ex–SAS students, Finn Barrett and Kohen Ridley.

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