The Arts


Spearwood Alternative School has traditionally had an emphasis on the arts – visual, performing and written – enabling a great number of students to find suitable and effective ways to express themselves. The recent completion of our long-term project to enclose the Arts Shed verandah to form an art studio was a major step towards this priority.

Our objective at SAS is to maintain and enhance our existing interests in and practice of puppet-making and puppetry performance, sculpture, drawing, painting; dance study and group performance; music; and creative writing.

We do this by:

  • Incorporating arts into other learning areas, to enrich and inspire all learning
  • Integrating the arts into our Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) program planning and thinking
  • Offering an artist-in-residence program
  • Exhibiting students’ work in our art studio
  • Incorporating dance tuition in our learning program for all students and sharing performances with our community
  • Offering the Leanne Coole Young Writers Award, an annual creative writing award begun in 2014 for SAS students, established in memory of our beloved teacher Leanne Coole, and judged by publishing professionals.
  • Partnering with the School of Instrumental Music program at South Fremantle SHS to enable students to study an instrument.

How we measure our success:

  • Children demonstrating integration of Arts learning; confidently and competently;
  • Children demonstrate critical thinking and creativity;
  • Children achieve placement in Specialist Arts; programs for secondary education;
  • Positive trends in child engagement and performance resulting in as writers, performers and artists;
  • Positive responses to the Arts program through parent, teacher and student survey data; student self-review data and annual school self-review;
  • Perform and exhibit the children’s art works in the local community.

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