Spearwood Alternative School is committed to sustainability in environmental, social, economic and cultural aspects of learning.

We do this by:

  • Minimising our ecological footprint and maximising our social handprint through active citizenship;
  • Documenting and communicating ongoing effective practices and programs;
  • Embracing opportunities for participation in community environmental sustainability programs and celebrations;
  • Positioning ourselves as problem-solvers and contributors through sustainable partnerships;
  • Always operating from a position of social justice in all school community relationships.

How we measure our success:

  • Engagement of school community to minimise waste and maximise sustainable habits;
  • Demonstrated commitment to making a difference through programs and partnerships;
  • Use of Restorative Practices in school relationships.

Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation

kitchen garden logo 2-2We are very proud of our relationship with the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation.

SAS students plant, tend and harvest vegetables and herbs in our own thriving gardens. With the guidance of a specialist teacher, they then cook these harvested foods in our purpose-built kitchens, following recipes that they record in a journal.

Students then eat their meal together, around a table.

This is a weekly event for every student at SAS.

This ‘living classroom’ creates many possibilities and enriches curriculum links, especially in the areas of science, mathematics and literacy, and produces young people who are confident in the kitchen!

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