Our playground had a wonderful update recently with the arrival of a ‘space craft’ spinning climbing frame to entertain kids young and old!  This addition was funded by Spearwood Alternative School’s very active P&C along with a grant from the Department of Education.  (Adults have been seen spinning delightedly on this when kids haven’t been looking!)

Our community – working together

The strength of our school lies in our ability to support each child and each other to learn.

The parent–staff partnership is based on our shared concern for the needs of the individual child. The partnership between parents and teachers is pivotal in identifying and addressing these needs.

This partnership fosters each child’s learning and growth within a caring, participatory environment in classes of mixed age groups and with the assistance of specialist teachers.

Staff, parents and children each have different roles and perspectives. Respect for these complementary roles is fundamental to the development of a true, working partnership.

Our community – our values

SAS families contributed to the creation of this ‘yarn-bombed’ storytelling chair by donating pieces of knitting and crochet done by children and adults alike. The chair was created to acknowledge the retirement of a beloved SAS teacher and community member who devoted much time to student literacy and early-years learning and who had a special interest in wool. Fittingly, the teacher gifted the chair back to SAS to use in the school library.

A community is a safe place to grow, a space that welcomes you fully and that sees you for who you are, that invites your participation and holds you gently while you explore.
– Mara Sapon-Shervin

Our community values:

  • sharing multiple points of view
  • the contributions and ideas of all participants
  • being genuinely open to possibilities
  • open and honest communication
  • the capacity for warm, caring relationships
  • genuine respect for the rights of others
  • appreciation for each other as unique individuals
  • a capacity to work with each other for the common good



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