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After our colour fun run fundraiser!

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Desert Adventure 2018

IMG_4124Our intrepid adventurers headed off to the desert from 3 to 7 September this year for our biennial cultural exchange with Mt Margaret Remote School. Twenty-three Year 5 and 6 students, along with nine adults, traveled by Prospector to Kalgoorlie, collected supplies and vehicles, and hit the road!


The group spent the first night camping under the stars at Lake Ballard, enjoying kangaroo-tail stew and sharing stories around the campfire, before heading to Mt Margaret for the remaining nights.  Days there were filled with shared activities and explorations, with a memorable visit to the local healing pool, where students slicked on mud and then washed it off with a cleansing dip.

There was so much gained and learned and enjoyed and experienced on this trip; far more than can be shared here, so stop and ask a Bunganan about it when you’re next here.

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Our young writers remember Leanne


The annual Leanne Coole Young Writers Awards were held at SAS in July. The awards remember the late Leanne Coole Young, beloved teacher to generations of Cooindans (Years 1 and 2).  Leanne had a passion for creative writing, and by the number of entries we receive each year, so do our students.

Thirty-seven entries were submitted this year, and as always, all were judged anonymously by two publishing professionals from Fremantle Press. In their report, they said, ‘The pieces that appealed to us demonstrated several qualities:

  • they showed an understanding of story (having a beginning, middle and an end, with obstacles for pace and tension)
  • they featured ideas or images that were distinctive and interesting
  • they displayed writing that felt fresh and conscious of appealing to an audience in some way.

There were four winners awarded in the categories of Brave, Bold, Beautiful and Brilliant, and four highly commended stories.


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Zentangling: mindful relaxation through visual arts – not doodling!


Zentangling is a meditative tool used by all of our students regularly. It joyfully engages the child, who makes conscious, thoughtful and mindful decisions as they work. It’s a repetitive action which is calming, purposeful and definite.

Zentangling’s role isn’t one of play, but it is playful to do. Our teachers notice the students move from a scatty and distracted mindset to a calm and deliberate one when they Zentangle.